DiveR Fiberglass Blades, Tako Honey Comb, Soft

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DiveR fin blades are Australian made and owned and are subjected to the harshest of testing by freediving professionals who demand only the highest quality products. DiveR can provide a high performance fin that is manufactured from state of the art resin systems as well as aerospace fabrics which give you the mechanical advantage and increased performance needed in high performance athletes. Each pair of DiveR fins are handmade and come in a range of colour and design options, as well as stiffness options to suit different diving styles. DiveR fins have been in production for over eight years now and are proud to say that many commercial and champion divers use the DiveR fins due to the dependability they have come to expect, no breakages have been reported or drops in performance. We can guarantee that you will not buy a pair of fins from DiveR that lose their initial power. The result of DiveR's revolutionary composite blades which record no degeneration or decrease in mechanism of the blade is a durable fin which you can rely on in the toughest conditions.
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